• Interest Free Financing – No Application or Credit Check Required!

    We have been told that our “in house” interest free financing is one of the best services we offer. There is no application or credit check process involved. Simply tell us you want to do the interest free financing and we will work out the details with you that work for your budget.

    Example…$1,299 system price, you pay $399 after we invoice you the day of installation and then you will pay $100 per month for 9 months to pay off the balance.

    We will finance any price package and all we ask is that you pay it off within 9 months if possible. We will work with other situations on an individual basis depending on the circumstances.


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If you needs batteries or other parts and accessories for your hidden fence system, please visit our Online Store by clicking the button.

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If you need a new need any of the following:



■ Replacement Receiver Collar

■ Schedule a Repair

■ Service Call pricing information on Existing System

■ If you have moved and need your system reinstalled at a new location

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