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    In order to provide you with a 100% risk free opportunity and put a Hidden Fence to the test with your dog(s) to make sure it is the best solution for containment, we offer you a 6 month money back guarantee giving us the opportunity to prove it to you.

    All we ask is that you stay in communication with us when a problem arises and allow us the opportunity to resolve the issue. If we are not able to accomplish this to your satisfaction we will refund 100% of your payment for the system, send a representative to recover the equipment, and disable the wire.

    If we do not hear from you about any problems or you choose not to allow us to help resolve the issue and then request a refund, we will evaluate your situation and come up with a resolution that is fair and equitable.

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If you needs batteries or other parts and accessories for your hidden fence system, please visit our Online Store by clicking the button.

New Installation:


If you would like quotes for purchasing a brand new installation of either of our systems please click the New System Quote button.

If you need a new need any of the following:



■ Replacement Receiver Collar

■ Schedule a Repair

■ Service Call pricing information on Existing System

■ If you have moved and need your system reinstalled at a new location

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