The Truth about Extended Duration Corrections

Don’t be persuaded by cute analogies into purchasing the competitor’s system that continuously shocks your pet for 10, 20, or 30 seconds if they leave the yard (Boundaries Plus®). This is animal cruelty any way you slice it!  
The reality is that extended corrections are not necessary to contain most dogs. A stronger correction that your pet respects and is conditioned to avoid is the BEST and most humane approach.

The dangers of systems that continuously shock is the accidental infliction of this to your pet if you forget to take the collar off your dog when leaving in your car. Not only will your beloved pet experience this horror due to your unintentional mistake but you will likely be subject to a very dangerous distracted driving situation due to the chaos and confusion resulting from this.

Another pet hazard from these systems can occur if the polarity gets changed when your fence line is repaired and the yard becomes “hot” by accident without you being aware of this. You likely will not even understand what has happened when your pet experiences the intense discomfort from this error.

The Safest Solution is GentleSteps™ Certified Training 

Once a dog has completed GentleSteps™ training, if an extended correction advanced training session is needed to contain a particularly stubborn dog (1 in 50), Pet Stop® has designed patented features to be used in a safe & controlled environment that will stop even the most determined escape artist dogs.

Although this is rarely needed, extended correction training will give a stubborn dog the “one time experience” that will solve this problem while maintaining the patented Pet Stop® safety features that prevent accidental infliction of extended corrections from occurring with our systems.