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Independent Provider of Pet Stop® Hidden Fence Systems

Featuring GentleSteps™ Certified Training

Bruce Peterson and his team at Hidden Fence of Minnesota provide the Safest, Most Advanced, & Most Affordable Professionally installed pet fencing systems in the Twin Cities, Minneapolis – Saint Paul area. We are a local, family owned company with over 25 years of A+ Customer Service provided.

Whether you want a new Hidden Fence system installed or need service on an existing Invisible Fence®  system by an independent service provider, Hidden Fence of Minnesota is a great choice! We also provide cross compatible batteries and receiver collars for existing Invisible Fence® owners. 

Are you tired of purchasing Expensive Batteries for your Invisible Fence® receiver? Please ask us about trading your old receiver in for the NEW Pet Stop® Link EcoLite Rechargeable Cross Compatible Receiver.

Hidden Fence of Minnesota is a direct competitor of, and is not associated with, the Invisible Fence Company.

Super Service Award Angies List 2016

Super Service Award Angies List 2014

Most of Our Team at Hidden Fence of Minnesota

Will a Pet Containment System Really work for my Small, Medium, Large, Stubborn, Difficult, Prey Driven, Overly Friendly, Squirrel loving, Bunny Chasing Dog?

Absolutely! We have a 100% containment guarantee to ease your mind and to help you decide to get started with one of our proven systems.  Hidden Fence of Minnesota strives to offer the highest quality experience to our clients, beginning with the initial online price quote, an optional home consultation if desired, followed up with a custom design and installation including Gentlesteps™ certified training, and finally off-leash freedom for your pet(s). Hidden Fence of Minnesota makes it quick, easy and convenient for customers to obtain a personalized price quote, online or over the phone, for the highest quality American Made name brand electronics for a new system installation, existing system repair, or an upgrade for any situation you may have. Our GentleSteps™ training is certified, easy to do, fun for all family members, humane, modern and above all SAFE! We always start off with the lowest correction level available because that is more respectful of your pet. We are often asked if our systems will work with “difficult” or stubborn breeds, independent, strong willed high drive, large medium and small dogs, or cats. The answer is YES and to set your mind at ease Hidden Fence of Minnesota also offers our unmatched 6 month 100% money back satisfaction guarantee! There are no fine print exceptions to this. If you’re not completely satisfied we will refund your total purchase price with no hassles. The highly experienced team at Hidden Fence of Minnesota will help you to achieve the safety and pleasure associated with a pet fence done right. We use only the highest quality wire, connectors, and American made components and we do this work for a lower cost than our best known competitor. We are not a franchise or giant company beholden to shareholders, instead we work directly for you, our customers!  We are an independent, local, family owned business earning referrals by providing the highest quality Made in the USA products and service at a lower cost, everyday.

Easy Online Quote System

Hidden Fence of Minnesota provides Easy access to online price quotes to save you time and help you gather information to determine if this solution is within your budget. 

Simply click any “New System Quote” red button on our website and submit your information. You will receive an email confirmation immediately. If you don’t find an email from please check your junk, spam, or promotions folders.

Please consider the possible motives of a competitor that will not give you a simple price quote online or over the phone and insists on visiting your house to provide this simple request for prices. Might this be an indication of the type of customer support you can expect when you need future assistance?

The Truth about Extended Duration Corrections

Don’t be persuaded by cute analogies into purchasing the competitor’s system that continuously shocks your pet for 10, 20, or 30 seconds if they leave the yard (Boundaries Plus®). This is animal cruelty any way you slice it! 

The reality is that extended corrections are not necessary to contain most dogs. A stronger correction that your pet respects and is conditioned to avoid is the BEST and most humane approach.

The dangers of systems that continuously shock is the accidental infliction of this to your pet if you forget to take the collar off your dog when leaving in your car. Not only will your beloved pet experience this horror due to your unintentional mistake but you will likely be subject to a very dangerous distracted driving situation due to the chaos and confusion resulting from this.

Not only will your beloved pet experience this horror due to your unintentional mistake but you will be subject to a very dangerous distracted driving situation due to the chaos and confusion resulting from this.

Another pet hazard from these systems can occur if the polarity gets changed when your fence line is repaired and the yard becomes “hot” by accident without you being aware of this. You likely will not even understand what has happened when your pet experiences the intense discomfort from this error.

The Safest Solution is GentleSteps™ Certified Training

Once a dog has completed GentleSteps™ training, if an extended correction advanced training session is needed to contain a particularly stubborn dog (1 in 50), Pet Stop® has designed patented features to be used in a safe & controlled environment that will stop even the most determined escape artist dogs.

Although this is rarely needed, extended correction training will give a stubborn dog the “one time experience” that will solve this problem while maintaining the patented Pet Stop® safety features that prevent accidental infliction of extended corrections from occurring with our systems.

The History of GentleSteps™​

In 2001, a very good friend of ours, Hidden Fence of New Jersey Owner & Industry Renowned Dog Trainer Rich Weinssen, revolutionized the pet containment industry with the most gentle training process ever seen in this field.

Rich’s approach begins at low, tickle levels for conveying location information, and then a progressive increase in pressure once the dog learns and is challenged with real life distractions. This gentle process was introduced publicly at the March 2002 International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP) annual meeting.

We Provide Compatible Products & Service For All Brands

We have many clients who originally purchased other brands, including Invisible Fence®, PetSafe®, DogWatch® and more. We have compatible products which will integrate with Invisible Fence®, PetSafe® and DogWatch® systems. We also supply batteries which were designed by Pet Stop® engineer Scott Touchton (former chief engineer with the Invisible Fence Company) and John Purtell, the original Founder of Invisible Fence Company, who is now the Founder and President of Perimeter Technologies® and President of Pet Stop®.  Ironically, John even coined the term “Invisible Fence®” back in the 1970s.

Today, while the brand remains in the industry, the protected term Invisible Fence® is also commonly used as a generic term for Hidden Fence systems. Our own clients sometimes use the term “invisible fence” in a generic sense to describe the fence we installed. Again, we are not associated in any way with the Invisible Fence Company.

Are you tired of purchasing Expensive Batteries for your Invisible Fence® receiver? Please ask us about trading your old receiver in for the NEW Pet Stop® Link EcoLite Rechargeable Cross Compatible Receiver, designed by the Pet Stop® engineering team led by Scott Touchton.

Hidden Fence of Minnesota offers the most competitive prices in the industry for the services and guarantees we provide. Our staff is educated and extremely knowledgeable about the latest products and trends in electronic pet fencing and our collective goal is to create completely satisfied customers with every opportunity that comes our way.