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Hidden Fence

of Minnesota

Are you Looking for a Local Hometown Dealer?

In this video:

  • Hear from Bruce Peterson, the Owner & Most Experienced Dog Fencing Dealer in Minnesota

  • Backstory of GentleSteps™ Training

  • The truth about extended correction beyond the boundary

  • Our Commitment to Providing Excellent Customer Service. Please visit our Facebook & Google pages to see our most recent reviews.

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Cold weather is no problem for us!

The only part of a normal installation we can’t do in the Winter is bury the boundary wire.

If the ground has frozen we  surface-lay a temporary wire and return in the Spring to trench in the permanent boundary wire at no additional charge.

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If you’re looking for a truly interactive “Smart Fence,” look no further!

Pet Stop® Brand is the only company that offers a Bluetooth-connected rechargeable receiver with diagnostic testing capabilities.

With the Link™ App, not only is our system smart, but fully-interactive – putting more power in your hands! You can change your dog’s correction-level settings, use the remote trainer, receive notifications, view activity history, communicate with your dealer, and more!

Pet Stop® (DM) Digital Modulation FM Signal Technology: Small yard? No problem, we can get your dog as close as 6 inches from the boundary.

Please watch this video to learn how close your dog can get to the boundary.

We, at Hidden Fence of Minnesota, know price transparency & customizability are extremely important.

Our detailed quotes do exactly this – revealing how much value you receive for the dollars you are spending on any of our systems.

Our local family owned business model enables us to offer the highest-quality products & guarantees at a much more affordable price than our competitor.

Why are we so much more affordable? Very simple; we are not paying off a $650-million-dollar acquisition. 

Watch this video to learn more:

Trivia: The experts that originally developed the competitor Invisible Fence Brand® are no longer affiliated with them and currently reside within Pet Stop®. Click here for details.


Pet Stop® Brand system’s use Digital FM Signal to safely, effectively & humanely contain your pet(s) while maximizing their play area.  

More importantly Hidden Fence of Minnesota does this without relying on dangerous and harmful extended-duration corrections. 

Although time-based boundaries that utilize extended correction beyond the boundary may be helpful initially to contain the most stubborn dogs, only a small percentage of dogs need this for containment.

With GentleSteps™ training, we offer several training options to fit your needs. Every customer can choose how much training assistance they want, based on how the Initial Training session goes. Our most popular option is the Initial Day Training, plus Unlimited Onsite Follow-Up Guarantee. Click here for more information.

Our Digital FM signal will allow your dog to get through a corridor with as little as 3 feet of space between your house your property-line.

Keep in mind your dog will have to be trained to do this comfortably. 

Independent Support

For All Other Brands Of Pet Containment

Though Hidden Fence of Minnesota is not associated with Invisible Fence® Brand we are fully capable of extending our outstanding customer service to assist any person that has an in ground hidden or invisible type pet containment system. 

Hidden Fence of Minnesota specifically offers Invisible Fence® Brand compatible batteries at a fraction of the cost, and we also offer significant trade in specials for those who want to upgrade into a user friendly “Safer by Design” Pet Stop® Brand system.

Dog Guard®, Dog Watch® or PetSafe®.

We provide independent support for all brands such as Invisible Fence® Brand, Dog Watch®, Dog Guard®, and PetSafe® as well as all other hidden electric dog fencing system brands.

Contact Hidden Fence of Minnesotatoday to find out trade-in pricing for upgrading to a Pet Stop® Brand fencing system!

Hidden Fence of Minnesota offers FREE batteries for 5 years (a $100 value) with all systems purchased and installed that include our battery powered PCC-200 Pro receiver(s) – ask for more details.

***Please be aware: the proprietary batteries required for Invisible Fence® Brand will cost you nearly $100 PER year for EACH dog you have on their system.  Over 10 years, that’s an additional $1,000 per dog over and above the inflated cost of their system.