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For over a decade, Pet Stop® Brand has been the leader in technology – providing more custom settings & user friendly controls than any other manufacturer in the industry. Learn more here about Link™ – the only truly interactive App available for your smartphone with Bluetooth connectivity!

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Rechargeable Receiver with Lifetime Parts Warranty

Diagnostic Test Verifies 100% Safe Operation!

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Direct Bluetooth Connection to your Smartphone Using the Link™ App.

Link™ Features

The Link™ mobile app brings interactive smart-features to underground pet-fencing for the first time ever! With Link™ Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone, you can:

— Diagnostic Test Verifies 100% Safe Operation!

— See how many times your pet has interacted with the boundary

— Adjust the GentleSteps™ correction-level on your pet’s receiver

— Receive notifications when your pet’s receiver needs to be charged

— Issue an audible warning or nick to discourage unwanted behaviors

— Communicate with your dealer

— and much more!

Pet Stop® offers you these convenient features as one more way to ensure you have peace of mind, and support with your containment system.

Diagnostic Precision & Safety This is the Game Changer!

If Safety is your top priority please note that Pet Stop® is the exclusive and only provider of the Diagnostic Charging Base. With a simple 7 point test that happens automatically every time you insert your Link™ receiver into the charging station, you’ll also know if something is wrong before your dog does. When it's time to recharge the Link™ EcoLite™ receiver it only takes approximately 3 hours, and gives you another 1-3 weeks of verified safe operation! – It’s one more way Pet Stop® is Safer by Design™.

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