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Angie's List review from: K. Ichinose
Jordan, MN October 31, 2008

The installation went exactly as described. I wanted to time it the install so it would coincide with the installation of sod. Due to weather the day for installation of sod changed several times. Bruce called each morning to find out the status and was very flexible with the frequent changes. He came back for added assistance with training the dogs since they did not catch on immediately. He has also come back to adjust the settings of the fence.

Rating Scores:

Price - B Quality - A Responsiveness - A Punctuality - A Professionalism - A

- K. Ichinose Jordan

Angie's List review from: L. Moser
St. Paul, MN November 1, 2008

Hidden Fence evaluated our objectives of dog containment, surveyed our yard and made recommendations on how best to install a fence based on our needs. They even thought of how to effectively develop an easy way to get our dog out of the yard when "off fence collar". The process went very well. They had to lay the fence over the frozen ground for installation but took great care to think through how we would need to remove snow until the spring. Upon the ground thawing they proactively reached out to me to schedule a time to install the fence into the ground. They continue to be a resource to us as we have questions about our dog. I would highly recommend this company.

Rating Scores:

Price - C Quality - B Responsiveness - A Punctuality - A Professionalism - A

- L. Moser St. Paul

After we brought home our two puppies, one a yellow lab and the other a pug, we watched them in our suburban backyard full of wildlife, and we knew we needed a fencing solution we could be confident in while at the same time not block out the wildlife and our view. We carefully shopped around for electronic fencing solutions (including the name brand) and have been incredibly pleased we selected Hidden Fence of MN. Not only do they have a quality product, but the cost is significantly less than other brands.

From the first contact, Dave O'Brien and his team have been professional and fun to work with. When the installers came, they diligently worked to meet our needs. We didn't want a cut in the driveway for the wire to pass through, so they embedded the wire in already existing joint between the driveway and the street. We have a tree-filled backyard, so they worked around the trees to maximize the dog's play area. The yellow lab and the pug have very different behaviors, so they got them the right collars that would work for them, set the system appropriately, and worked with us to train them. After the installation I had a question and Dave was right there to answer it with added encouragement for training our dogs. It's been six months now and we confidently let our dogs play in the back yard whenever they want. They happily run around and we can watch them with the comfort that they know their boundaries and willingly stay in them.

I have referred Hidden Fence of MN to several friends and will continue to do so.

- Chris O., Plymouth, MN - June 2013

      - Chris O., Plymouth

Angie's List review from: M. Brewer
South St. Paul, MN June 1, 2010

We had an underground fence installed for our Australian Shepard. The company had to work with us to get the correct collar and settings to keep our high energy dog in the yard but once we got the right combination the fence has been great.

Rating Scores:

Price - A Quality - A Responsiveness - A Punctuality - A Professionalism - A

      - M. Brewer South St. Paul

Angie's List review from: J. Thiewes
Belle Plaine, MN June 1, 2009

Hidden Fence of Minnesota installed a hidden dog retaining fence around our entire property in Belle Plaine. We have a small 8 pound dog and she took to the fence and learned the area that she could roam in just a day or two. Within a couple weeks all the training flags were gone and she has been free to roam our yard and enjoy herself for over two years now. Not another dog or T bone steak could get her to cross the fence and leave the property. Hidden Fence of MN was very prompt, professional and had the entire yard fenced and up and running within a half day. I initially had a couple questions and when you call you talk with the owner. I felt the price was okay and would consider Hidden Fence of MN if I had to do it again.

Overall install was very fast and professional. The installer explained how the system worked and tips on training the dog. Explained the flag system for training the dog. Everything went smooth and was completed in probably three to four hours.

Rating Scores:

Price - B Quality - A Responsiveness - A Punctuality - A Professionalism - A

      - J. Thiewes Belle Plaine

From the very start, all the people at Hidden Fence were great! They were very prompt in responding to my inquiry and took the time to answer all my questions. Once we decided to go with Hidden Fence, they were able to get us on their installation calendar within a few days. The install only takes a couple of hours and then they walk you through how to train your dog. You get a nice handout that explains exactly what you need to do to train. The whole training process was quite simple. When I did have questions during the training process, Bruce was there for me. Our whole family, and especially our golden doodle, is really happy to have the electric fence. It has been such a positive change for all of us!

      - Christine W,, Deephaven, MN - September 2014

My husband Ron would not let me buy a fence for almost a year. He was going to do it himself but Barney was always tied up, barking, watching our lives from inside or the end of a leash. Well, Surprise! Ron returned the Electric dog fence kit to the store for a full refund and had Hidden Dog Fence Company install a fence for us. Bruce's dog training skills were incredible and Barney has been home bound for 6 months now. It has been one of the best gifts I have ever received. We all just go outside now, and Barney won't leave. He has had the best times of his life.

- J.V. Ramsey County MN

      - J.V. Ramsey

My daughter actually signed me up for a free estimate from a home show. The very next week, I received a very nice email and a call from David. David was excellent in taking the time to answer the many questions I have about the fencing and reiterating what was included in the deal. No pressure. I did my due diligence because of course we all know about Invisible Fencing, and I wanted to be certain I was getting the best. Without a doubt, the difference in just the feel of the website confirmed my willingness to go with Hidden Fence of MN. Hidden Fence website left me with the feel that this "family" will help me to take good care of my Shiba Inu. I made my decision at that point to go with Hidden Fence. Take a look at the website - thoroughly outlined and a great video that had me entertained. A very thoughtful and competent young man came out to lay out the fencing for the 30 day free trial. He took some time with me to show how to train the dog, work the system and answer my questions. Very nice experience! Today Bruce came out to bury the line. He called ahead and arrived as promised. We went around the yard and I pointed out what I wanted changed and he and I took Miss Shirley around to see how well she was trained. (or not, as the case may be!). Bruce quickly buried the line with the changes I asked for, we adjusted the collar for a better fit and point of contact, we checked on our training with her and went over the system again. Very patient and kind and all around terrific team of people. I will absolutely recommend this team of professionals with Hidden Fence of MN to friends and family.

- Cindy G., St. Michael, MN - May 2014

      - Cindy G., St. Michael

This company was very professional from the first time we talked on the phone. They answered questions appropriately, explained the differences between their fencing and other systems, and asked about my dog (size, age, personality) as well as our goals for the fence. Prior to installation, they evaluated our yard with google earth, submitted a plan for fencing (using the google earth map), and arranged an installation date. They were able to install within one week of my first call.

On the installation date, they walked the yard perimeter with me, clarified wire placement location, and also provided advice on placement of the wall system in our garage. I was very concerned that they needed to drill a hole through stonework in the front of our house (to run the wire from the garage). They placed the hole in an area behind a bush, but in actuality the hole was very small and minimally noticeable. This is something that could have easily been a disaster from a less reputable installation company. From there they installed the wire fence system. At this point it was pouring rain and they worked through it all, without a complaint. They placed the flags along the entire perimeter and (once the rain had died down) trained me to use the dog fence. They fitted my dog with the collar, and provided information on training settings. They had a very helpful handout that outlined the weeks of training sessions. They followed up with several e-mails/phone calls in the weeks afterward, to be sure that things were going smoothly. We did not need a return visit, but I was confident that they would have responded should the need have arisen. I would not hesitate to use this company again. I cannot say enough about their professionalism both before and during the install process. We have been happy with the product as well.

- Catherine S., Inver Grove Heights, MN - June 2013

      - Catherine S., Inver Grove Heights

Hidden Fence answered all my questions on the phone and I never felt rushed or pressured to do or buy anything. They told me if I was not happy they would remove the entire system and give me a 100% refund no questions asked, so it was an easy choice when it came to an electric dog fencing company.

The install went as planned and no hidden charges or service issues have come up.

- Russ D., Carver, MN - August 2013

      - Russ D., Carver

We were very impressed with the excellent customer service we received. From the free consultation with Dave, who was very informative, to the install by Bruce and Tim, everything went very smoothly. Bruce helped us with the training and our dog caught on very quickly. They offer a payment plan that really helped make it affordable. The peace of mind that we have now being able to let our dog out on his own at any time really makes it worth it.

      - Eva S., Plymouth, MN - Oct 2014

Couldn't be happier with the results from contacting Hidden Fence of Minnesota. First off I filled out their contact form on their website and heard back from them in less than 30 minutes. I had an estimate emailed to me that evening. This customer service alone is way above and beyond what I was getting from the other in-ground fencing company. David came out and checked our non-functioning Invisible Fencing system that we already had. After some very quick trouble shooting he determined it was the unit that was bad, not a break in the line. They credited me $200 towards a new system, for turning in the old non-functioning unit. David installed the new unit, walked me through how it all worked and answered all my questions. He then spent the time with me to go through the first training session with our dog.

Punctual, kind, helpful and professional - couldn't really ask for anything more. I highly recommend.

- Mark T., Shoreview, MN - June 2014

      - Mark T., Shoreview

Angie's List review from: S. Short
Inver Grove Heights, MN November 2, 2012

Bruce was very responsive, answered our e-mail immediately and gave a thorough explanation and quote over the phone. He was able to schedule us quickly and installed it on time. We had some problems getting our puppy trained and adjusting the strength of the shock, leading to a few phone calls. He was very patient and offered to come out if we continued to have problems. Our puppy was 3 months when we had the system installed and did not stay inside the fence at all initially. He is now 4.5 months and is staying in the area about 99% of the time. We have a lab and they have higher pain tolerance, which can make the training harder. Bruce was very good to work with. I think it would have been better if we had waited until our puppy was a bit older to install, but we were worried about snow fall.

Rating Scores:

Price - A Quality - A Responsiveness - A Punctuality - A Professionalism - A

      - S. Short Inver Grove Heights

Angie's List review from: B. O'Rourke
Apple Valley, MN June 15, 2012

It is for dogs and if they have a collar on their neck and when they get too close to the fence they get a warning and if they don't back away they get shocked. They just had one set price. You don't have to use them again because the fence stays with me so if you move they will move the fence. They will come out and dig it up and move it with you.

Rating Scores:

Price - A Quality - A Responsiveness - A Punctuality - A Professionalism - A

      - B. O'Rourke Apple Valley

Angie's List review from: M. Neimoja
Inver Grove Heights, MN June 29, 2011

Really wonderful experience. I worked with Bruce via email and phone to set up an appointment--he was very prompt in responding to me. I had already purchased an electric fence system, so Bruce estimated over the phone the installation for my area of yard (over an acre--probably close to 1.5 acres). Really affordable installation price. Also, the two gentlemen that installed, Tim and TJ, were polite, prompt and FAST. I couldn't believe how fast the fence went in (compared to the amount of work we thought my husband would have to go through, it was completely worth hiring these folks). They also helped explain how the system worked with my dog at hand, and have answered (VERY promptly) my subsequent questions over the phone. I would recommend these folks to anyone.

Rating Scores:

Price - A Quality - A Responsiveness - A Punctuality - A Professionalism - A

      - M. Neimoja Inver Grove Heights

Angie's List review from: C. Froehle
Plymouth, MN November 2, 2010

Bruce was able to install my hidden fence two days after I called him. He was at my house approx. 2 hrs. He installed wire around my property--approx. 1/2 acre. He used a machine to install the line, not a shovel. It went very quickly and my lot has a lot of brush and overgrowth, so I was impressed. When he was done he went through some basic training with me and my dog. It wasn't extensive training, but I didn't expect it to be. He said to call with any questions or concerns. He has been in business for a while so I'm confident he will be around if I have questions or problems. He also sells the batteries at a good price and let me know where else I could buy them.

Rating Scores:

Price - B Quality - B Responsiveness - A Punctuality - A Professionalism - A

      - C. Froehle Plymouth

Angie's List review from: S. Myhre
Long Lake, MN June 1, 2010

Bruce was very responsive and extremely knowledgeable about his product as well as his competitors'. He was respective, punctual and completely professional. Their product is neither the most expensive nor the least. But the features and options seem to make it the best value. They installed the product as scheduled and promised, and have been helpful and responsive when we have had questions or concerns. One of our cement shingles was accidently broken during the installation. They repaired it as promised. We have been very pleased with how well the system works and would definitely recommend Bruce and Hidden Fence without reservation.

Rating Scores:

Price - B Quality - A Responsiveness - A Punctuality - A Professionalism - A

      - S. Myhre Long Lake

I have been working with Bruce and Hidden Fence of Minnesota for over 15 years. Fortunately, my system rarely needs any repair or replacement components, but when it does, Bruce is THE BEST. He is consistently above and beyond expectations. He is conscious of my budget and I always come away happy. I would recommend him far and wide to anyone who would listen, A+++++

      - Robin T., Wayzata, MN - Oct 2014

Angie's List review from: K. Leiter
Eden Prairie, MN June 18, 2008

They did a good job. They were very quick and efficient. If I remember correctly, the price was reasonable. They seemed fair and honest.

Rating Scores:

Price - A Quality - A Responsiveness - A Punctuality - A Professionalism - A

      - K. Leiter Eden Prairie

Hidden Fence was so customer service oriented. They are a local, family-run business and Dave (sales) and Bruce (installer/owner) couldn't have been more friendly. They would call back immediately or call back promptly. They came out to the house and educated us on the entire system and training. I always felt they were there for our best interest and not worried about nickel and diming. It seriously was one of the best customer service companies I have ever worked with. They would also call back and check in. I wish all businesses ran this way.

- Patricia Y., Excelsior, MN - October 2013

      - Patricia Y., Excelsior

Excellent result. The installers were on time and work was completed as promised. I appreciated the frequent contact by the salesperson and installers. The installation itself was very professional and looked good both in the yard and garage where the controller is located. The installers placed attractive signs in the yard indicating an invisible fence was present. I received printed and verbal instructions on how to use the system and both were thorough and easy to understand. The collar was custom fit to my dog by the installer and I appreciated not having to do that myself. Any debris was picked up and disposed of by the installers.

I cannot overstate how friendly and accommodating the employees were at Hidden Fence. They repeatedly said to call with any questions and that they were available to come out if I needed help with the system. I also like their policy that they will repair damage to the system caused by another company/person at no cost to me and will then bill the responsible party.

Hidden Fence is very competitive in the pricing of their product. What sets them apart is their commitment to customer service. The quality of their staff, company policies, and the determination to provide the best product is evidence of that commitment.

- Susan B., Stillwater, MN - September 2013

      - Susan B., Stillwater

Amazing! I was mostly in contact with Dave who made this process easy. I am so thankful for this company. We moved here from more than 500 miles away into a new home with no landscaping or sod yet! I kept in contact with Dave over many many weeks so we could schedule the instillation after the landscaping and irrigation but before the sod. Though this sounds like an easy enough task, there were several times when plans changed and Dave and hidden fence were more than understanding and helpful! When we finally got word we would be getting our sod, Bruce was able to come out and install with only a few hours of notice! I was very impressed! With 3 kids and no real community here yet and so many situations to juggle, hidden fence was a blessing to be able to work with and will continue recommend them to everyone!

- Beth L., Lakeville, MN - October, 2013

      - Beth L., Lakeville

Angie's List review from: M. Miller
Red Wing, MN October 9, 2012

We had just moved into a new home that appeared to have underground fencing installed, but no controller. We contacted Bruce to come out and take a look and see what it would take to get it up and running. Bruce was great to deal with. He returned phone calls and emails right away, and showed up right on time. He was able to evaluate our needs pretty quickly and had all the things needed to get the system running. He then took time to walk us through the process of training our dog, and left his number for us to call if we have questions or if something did not work correctly.

This was a great experience and I would highly recommend Bruce to anyone looking for underground fencing!

Rating Scores:

Price - A Quality - A Responsiveness - A Punctuality - A Professionalism - A

      - M. Miller Red Wing

Angie's List review from: D. Sherwood
Long Lake, MN June 15, 2012

Bought my fence and had it installed nearly two years ago. Wonderful experience and superb pricing. My dog was a 10lb puppy at the time and is now 85lbs and is challenging the fence. Bruce just stopped by today and swapped my collar and control box out for a larger "super" collar system. Called him 3 days ago, and it is all taken care of today for NO CHARGE! This has been one of the most responsive and fair companies I have ever dealt with...can't provide any stronger recommendation.

Rating Scores:

Price - A Quality - A Responsiveness - A Punctuality - A Professionalism - A

      - D. Sherwood Long Lake

Angie's List review from: P. Obele
Woodbury, MN December 7, 2007

They are a very service oriented company. They were quick and friendly.

Rating Scores:

Price - A Quality - B Responsiveness - A Punctuality - A Professionalism - A

      - P. Obele Woodbury

Angie's List review from: H. Lee
St. Paul, MN September 29, 2010

Great experience from start to finish!

Rating Scores:

Price - A Quality - A Responsiveness - A Punctuality - A Professionalism - A

      - H. Lee St. Paul

Dear Bruce and the Staff of Hidden Fence of Minnesota,
We are so pleased with the gentle effectiveness of the product that Hidden Fence of Minnesota has provided for our 3-year old Pug. We had used a different brand many years ago in a previous house for our now deceased Labrador Retriever. In hindsight, the training program was worrisome, as the shock was very abrubtly introduced, causing an alarming reaction from our pet. After the training, he respected the fenceline - too well. He gave it such a wide berth that it severely limited him from using what should have been warning-free/shock-free yard. We were happy when we moved into a house with a fenced-in backyard, where the Labrador and our new Pug puppy could enjoy the grass and sunshine without our worry.

We have since moved from the house with the fenced-in backyard to a house without one, and were planning on having a fence built. However, once we saw how our school-aged children and their new friends played in the backyard, we knew we didn't want to contain the kids, just the dog! We decided to skeptically explore the idea of a pet-containment system, as we were feeling apprehensive by our previous experience. We met neighbors who were also Pug owners with a fenceless yard, and they enthusiastically recommended Hidden Fence of Minnesota. We called and Bruce came out to our house to discuss with us our greatest concern - the training program.

He explained that the training program utilized progressive physical signals that allowed the individual pet to dictate their threshold of comfort, not the standard one-size-fits-all shock signal used by other companies. This was the selling point for us, and we are so glad we use Hidden Fence brand. Our Pug is so comfortable with the containment system that she respects the boundaries even if she is outside without her collar - this is amazing, since she was a wanderer before we installed the Hidden Fence! As a veterinarian and as a dog-owner, I couldn't be more pleased with Hidden Fence of Minnesota - the product, the people, and the service are outstanding!

David E. Lee DVM, MBA Stillwater, MN

      - David E. Lee DVM, MBA Stillwater, MN

Hidden fence was very timely to return my call and was out to the house within a few days to explain their product and cost. Within one week we had our new fence and our dog was doing great with it. They took all the time I needed not only to answer my questions but to help show the best way to train our dog. They were wonderful to work with. Not only would I recommend this type of product to anyone looking to protect their dog and keep them safe but I would not want any other company to install other than hidden fence!

- Holly K., Brooklyn Park, MN - June 2014

      - Holly K., Brooklyn Park

I was referred to Hidden Fence of Minnesota through a friend. From the initial contact....they were very professional and prompt. In fact, when I didn't need the training package, they promptly refunded my money.

The installation was great. They worked with us to determine the right locations around our property. They installed the fence quickly without any problems. They showed me how the fence works and how to change the settings. It was a fantastic experience.

I would highly recommend using Hidden Fence of MN.

      - Mark H. Edina, MN. - Jan 2022

Angie's List review from: R. McCabe
Independence, MN November 15, 2008

Installation was done when promised, for amount promised, employee was very polite and explained everything in detail, and provided the first 3 training sessions. Our dog was 75% trained before they left.

Rating Scores:

Price - A Quality - A Responsiveness - A Punctuality - A Professionalism - A

      - R. McCabe Independence

Dave and Tim were very punctual, professional, and helpful. I had an issue/question with the fence/collars within a couple of days of installation, and Bruce responded right away and trouble-shot the problem over the phone with me. My dogs learned the system much more quickly than I expected, and it has given them much more freedom to run and play in the yard. I am very happy with the Hidden Fence product and their service, and fully recommend them! The pups are quite happy, too!

- Cynthia M., Plymouth, MN - April 2014

      - Cynthia M., Plymouth

Angie's List review from: M. Amborn
Lino Lakes, MN September 1, 2012

Bruce was on time, and got the whole job done in less than 4 hours! I was impressed that he was able to go through a lot of brush and trees without too much trouble. He helped me with some training, and also loaned us an extra collar for a dog that was just visiting. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Rating Scores:

Price - A Quality - A Responsiveness - A Punctuality - A Professionalism - A

      - M. Amborn Lino Lakes

This company was fantastic. I contacted on the 1st for a quote and they were out on the 6th doing install. The "other" company in the area could not even come out to give a quote until well after I had everything done and the dog trained. Arrived right on time, took about 2 hours to install and train, it was great. The dog is doing really well and we are so happy with this product.

      - Kristine E., Brooklyn Park, MN - Oct 2014

I am very impressed with the product, the service, and the installation on this fence. I installed (and returned) in ground fence systems I purchased from the local pet store and home center. Neither of them worked like I wanted them to and there were multiple places the color would not trigger. After a few weeks of trenching, installing, troubleshooting, etc... I became frustrated and decided to call the experts. Within a few days it was in and working GREAT. I even purchased a second one for my cabin because I was so impressed.

- Steve V., Coon Rapids, MN - July 2013

      - Steve V., Coon Rapids