Link™ Ecolite™ System

More Reliable than GPS systems

Rechargeable Smart Collar.

Exclusive Diagnostic Testing

Interactive Link™ App

Bluetooth Connectivity

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Link™ EcoLite™ System

With the Link™ mobile app, we offer you the reliability of an in-ground containment system, plus a fully-Interactive Smart System with in-App customer support. Easily manage everything from your smartphone or iPad, and hear from our team of experts in 24 hours or less!

We’re confident you’ll love it!

-Adjust the correction-level with a few quick taps

-Use the Remote Trainer to deter unwanted behaviors

-Monitor your pet’s behavior with the boundary

-Manage multiple pet receivers independently

-See a receiver’s battery status

-Share the app with other trusted people

-Communicate with your dealer

It’s that simple!


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Rechargeable Receiver with Lifetime Parts Warranty

Guaranteed to Stop the Most Stubborn Dogs!

Link Bluetooth Connection to your Smartphone Using the Link™ App.

Pet Stop® Exclusive Features

Diagnostic Charging Base

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Diagnostic Testing Life Saving Exclusive Feature!

Pet Stop® Brand is the exclusive provider of the Diagnostic Charging Station Plus that performs a 7-point precision diagnostic test automatically every time you place your Link™ EcoLite™ receiver in the charging station.

This exclusive diagnostic testing device raises the bar in pet containment safety and reliability to an unmatched level by any other competitor.

The Diagnostic Test takes only 10 seconds to complete, and you will know pass or fail if your Link™ EcoLite™ receiver is operating at 100% effectiveness to contain your pet safely. This test ensures that you’ll never put a malfunctioning collar on your dog.

Even more impressive, if your Link™ EcoLite™ receiver fails the test, Hidden Fence of Minnesota will replace it within 24 – 72 hours under the Lifetime Warranty – guaranteed!*

In addition, the Link™ EcoLite's™ built-in rechargeable cell, the only rechargeable pet containment receiver with a Lifetime Warranty, provides a distinct cost saving edge over competitors that use proprietary batteries, and cost far more only due to name brand recognition.

The Link™ EcoLite™ receiver takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge and provides you 10 - 21 days of 100% safe, reliable operation!

With supply chain issues affecting every electronics manufacturer in ways we never thought would happen, this Diagnostic Testing tool has become a life saving device that is available only from Pet Stop® Brand.

These are just a few more ways Pet Stop® Brand lives up to its motto "Safer by Design™."

*Labor and shipping charges may apply.

Diagnostic Charging Station Plus

GentleSteps™ Training

Humane. Safe. Simple

Choose The Training Option that Fits Your Budget & Schedule The Best

GentleSteps™ Training is Pet Stop® Exclusive, Revolutionary & Humane.

With all New Standard-Priced Systems, you will receive the GentleSteps™ Initial Day of Training, plus a Bonus Second Training Session with Unlimited Onsite Follow-up Assistance if necessary.

Every System comes with a 100% Containment Guarantee.

Diagnostic Cradle

Training Options Available

This is our most budget-friendly training option available.

One of our technicians will do several boundary encounters with your pet and teach you by demonstration how to do the same repetition of introducing your pet to the boundary until you are comfortable with the process.

They teach you how to adjust the correction level of the receiver and answer any questions you may have before leaving. Your participation is required.

Phone support for additional training is always available free of charge. But, if you need further onsite assistance, you can upgrade to our Second Day & Unlimited Onsite Follow-Up Training.

***Always remove the fence collar from your dog's neck at night while they sleep. Failure to do this will result in sores developing where the probes make contact with your dog's neck if the fence collar is left in place for longer than 5-7 days.

Backstory of GentleSteps™ Training

Hear from Bruce Peterson, Owner

Backstory of GentleSteps™ Training

The truth about extended correction

Our goal in Customer-Service

Best Prices Guaranteed & Interest Free Financing

We believe in price-integrity & no-nonsense firm Online Quotes.

We also offer 36 month Interest Free Financing with no application or credit check (click the button below for more information).

Our Pet Stop® dog fence systems are American-Made from imported components to ensure the highest quality, reliability, and safety for your pet-containment needs. We believe these are the best systems available!

In addition to our published pricing, please note: we offer special trade in credit for Invisible Fence® Brand electronic pet-containment systems. Please ask us for more details.

Collar Strap Options

7 rich & vibrant collar strap colors.


Customizable to Your Needs

— PCC200 Pro Receiver Collar (2 year warranty) – $304

— PCC200 Pro Receiver Collar – $354

— Link™ EcoLite™ Receiver Collar – $554

— Invisible Fence® Brand Trade-in Credit – Ask for Details

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