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Providing Only the Best Pet Containment Solutions

Hidden Fence of Minnesota is an authorized dealer of superior quality Training and Containment Systems from Pet Stop® & Perimeter Technologies®. You can give your pet the freedom to run and play safely with a professionally Installed containment system; they are a great solution to your pet’s exercise needs.

Full Line of “Pet Management” Products

You can choose from a variety of indoor containment options & remote trainers available from us, as well as automatic feeders and pet doors from vendors we can refer you to. Reliability is the most important factor in the purchase of a pet containment system and we believe our products are the best.

Our Pet Stop® Link™ EcoLite™ Receiver comes with a Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty when installed by Hidden Fence of Minnesota and is recognized as the most technologically advanced in the industry. These systems were developed by the most experienced and best qualified minds in the pet containment industry.

Keep Your Dog Fencing Expectations High

Keep your expectations high, where they should be. After all, the safety and comfort levels for you and your pet(s) are our top priority! Hidden Fence of Minnesota owner Bruce Peterson is committed to making and keeping customers happy long-term. When you call Hidden Fence of Minnesota, you can be assured you will receive personal attention and uncompromising customer service. A very strong premise that Bruce has built his company on is all about complete customer satisfaction.

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