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Video Library & Layout Diagrams

Video below explains the details and features of each Pet Stop receiver collar we offer, Pro Battery Powered and the Rechargeable EcoLite HO & Link EcoLite

Video Below - Pet Stop® Link Commercial

Video Below – Link App - Exclusively for Link EcoLite Receivers

Video Below – Diagnostic Charging Base - Exclusively for EcoLite & Link EcoLite Receivers

Video Below - Installation of the buried boundary wire

Video Below - Do Hidden Fences really work? There are 2 dogs in these videos are less than 1 year old and one older dog.

Video Below - Gentlesteps™ accelerated training

Video Below – Pet Stop OT300 EcoLite Correction Level Change

Video Below – Pet Stop OT300 Boundary Width and Height Adjustment

Video Below – Pet Stop PCC200 Pro, OT150 & OT200 Correction Level Change

Video Below – Perimeter System – Change correction level

Video Below - Perimeter system helpful tips

Video Below - Perimeter System - Boundary width adjustment

Video Below - Perimeter System - Frequency Change

Video Below - Recharging the EcoLite Receiver

Video Below - Replacing the Battery in Perimeter or Pet Stop Battery Powered Receivers

Providing Only the Best Pet Containment Solutions

Hidden Fence of Minnesota is an authorized dealer of superior quality American made Training and Containment Systems from Pet Stop® & Perimeter Technologies®. You can give your pet the freedom to run and play safely with a professionally Installed containment system; they are a great solution to your pet’s exercise needs.

Full Line of “Pet Management” Products

You can choose from a variety of indoor containment options & remote trainers available from us, as well as automatic feeders and pet doors from vendors we can refer you to. Reliability is the most important factor in the purchase of a pet containment system and we believe American made products are the best

Our Pet Stop®Link EcoLite Receiver comes with a Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty when installed by Hidden Fence of Minnesota and is recognized as the most technologically advanced in the industry. These systems were developed by the most experienced and best qualified minds in the pet containment industry.

Keep Your Dog Fencing Expectations High

Keep your expectations high, where they should be. After all, the safety and comfort levels for you and your pet(s) are our top priority!
Hidden Fence of Minnesota owner Bruce Peterson is committed to making and keeping customers happy long-term. When you call Hidden Fence of Minnesota, you can be assured you will receive personal attention and uncompromising customer service. A very strong premise that Bruce has built his company on is all about complete customer satisfaction.

Associations and Memberships
Angie’s List
Better Business Bureau
Home Advisor
International Association of Canine Professionals

Layout Diagrams

Pet Stop®Brand Edge-to-Edge™ Technology is “Safer By Design”​

Maximize your yard the “Safest” way available

-The Red line represents the edge of your yard

-The dark green area represents the maximized safe area of your yard where your pet can run and play without any risk of correction.
-The light green area is adjustable and represents where the correction will occur if your pet gets within 1 foot of the wire inside your yard if your dog needs that close of proximity to the edge.

Edge-to-Edge™ Technology can be used with any of the layout options below

The Perimeter Fence Layout
The Perimeter layout is probably our most common installation. The wire runs all along the entire perimeter of your yard, giving your pet the freedom to run and play without fear of escape from both front and back yards.

The Hourglass Fence Layout
The Hourglass is also quite common and a great choice if you want to see where your dog is at all times from a location inside your home. The wire runs the entire perimeter enclosing both the front and back yards, but blocks off the side yards. In order to pass from the front yard to back yard, or vise-versa, your pet will have to go through the house or garage.

The Double Loop Fence Layout
The Double Loop layout consists of two wires that run side by side 2 feet apart, connected at the end, around either your front or back yard only. This layout is generally used when difficult terrain prevents the installation of a Perimeter or Hourglass layout. This is also a good option if you have a large property and only want your pet(s) in a specific area.  Another application for this layout is to block off frontage on farms or large properties that only need containment on one or two sides.

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