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Dog Fencing

How it Works.

We, at Hidden Fence of Minnesota, are committed to providing you information that’s as helpful as possible, so you can understand how our products work, and which ones are best for your needs. From choosing your system, to installation & training, we understand that every pet is unique. So rest assured, our team of qualified & experienced professionals will work with you to ensure your pet is safely contained, and stress-free. Be sure to ask (via phone, text, or email) about our Unlimited Onsite Follow-Up and our One Year Money Back Guarantee.

The Basics

Let’s address a couple of the most common questions, right away, that our customers usually ask (click each question for more info):

Dog Fencing 101

In this video:

  • Introduction to Pet Stop® products & how our containment system works
  • Our goal: safely & effectively containing your pet
  • Summary & risks of some features our main competitor promotes

The "6-Foot-Buffer" Story

In this video:

  • Explanation of Pet Stop®’s Edge-to-Edge™ feature
  • Address misinformation you may have been given about us, from our competitors
  • Containment, and maximizing your system boundary

Outdoor Systems

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We sell & install outdoor containment systems that will not only keep your pet safely within your yard, but can also keep them from special areas – like gardens, landscaping, pools or other off-limit zones.

Indoor Solutions

Need to keep the dog or cat off the kitchen counter? Prevent the dog from storming the front door when guests arrive? Or keep them from other indoor areas? We can easily bring the benefits of boundary-setting indoors, to help with whatever behavioral issues your pet may have.

Ask us, for more information.

Our Pet Stop® products are 100% Made in the USA, and loaded with features not offered by any other brand.

GentleSteps™ Training

Humane. Safe. Simple.

Canine Approved Training

We, at Hidden Fence of Minnesota, are committed to doing everything necessary to help ensure your pet is successfully trained to your new system. This is why we offer the First Day Initial GentleSteps™ Training, as well as our Unlimited Onsite Follow-Up guarantee.

For more information on our training packages, visit our GentleSteps™ training page.

PetStop-exclusive. Revolutionary & humane.

Custom Layouts

As stated above, we will walk you through the entire process – from determining which layout best suits you & your property needs, to training your pet to the fence. We want our customers to be experts, just like us!

Below are our most popular layouts. Please know that the below images are only schematic – to give you a visual of what different layouts look like. The zones (e.g. dark-green safe, light-green) they depict are NOT to scale. Contrary to information put forth by our main competitor, we can get your pet to within 6 inches of the boundary  – maximizing their yard space while ensuring they stay inside your yard.

We can also make flower beds, pools, ponds (even streams & lakes!), and other landscaping elements off-limits to your pets.

Full Perimeter Loop

Our most common layout. This allows your pet to roam your entire yard, but not leave it.


Similar to the Full Perimeter loop, but pinched in the middle. This lets you contain your dog in the front or back yard, depending on where you want them to be.

Double Loop

This is used to contain ONLY the front or backyard. It’s usually used when your property’s geography won’t allow for installation around the whole property.


Small yard? That’s no problem for Pet Stop® technology! We offer settings that create an even-more precise signal zone around the perimeter wire, to maximize the yard area your pet can enjoy.


Your Smart Fence.

The only in-ground containment system offering connectivity to your smartphone.

App available through the Google Play Store, and the Apple App Store

Need Service or a Repair?

If you need any of the following Services, please click the Repairs & Service button:

Batteries & Parts

If you need batteries or other parts and accessories for your hidden fence system, please visit our Online Store by clicking the button.

Ongoing Support

Hidden Fence of Minnesota is dedicated to providing you with outstanding ongoing customer support – long after your initial system has been installed. If you have any questions, concerns, or require any maintenance or troubleshooting on your system, please contact us – we’d be happy to help in any way we can.