Pet Stop® Systems are made in the USA from imported components.

Hidden Dog Fencing

All of us at Hidden Fence of Minnesota are committed to providing you accurate information to help you understand how our products work and help you determine the best fit for your containment needs.

From choosing your system, to installation & training, rest assured, our team of qualified & experienced professionals will work with you to ensure your pet is safely contained utilizing the most humane, stress-free training method available – GentleSteps™

Be sure to ask us about our Unlimited Onsite Follow-Up training guarantee and our One Year Money Back Guarantee.

One Year Money Back Guarantee.

Pet Stop® Brand Compared with other companies

Brand Comparison


Key Features

Equipment Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Standard 1 Year Lifetime On Some Products

Lifetime All Containment Products

Standard 2 Years Lifetime for Additional Fee

Risk of Extended Correction

Built In safety features prevent extended correction

High Risk Main feature is 10-30 second extended correction



Maximized Yard Space

6 inches from Boundry Wire

Right up to Boundary Wire



Dealer Network

Family-Owned Large (>150 Dealers)

Corporately owned (Minneapolis, St. Paul & surrounding areas)

Large (>150 Dealers)

Small (1-75 Dealers)

Adjustable Setting

Easy to Learn Owner Adjustable (Dealer assistance also available)

Requires Service Call To Adjust

Over 100 Not Speciked Owner Adjustable

Not Programmable

Training & Containment Levels

9-13 GentleSteps Setting Owner Controlled

5 Owner has no access to settings



Signal Type & Options

DM (Digital FM Modulation) Prevents accidental correction

AM (Digital) 2 Frequencies 2 Modulations

FM (Digital) 2 Frequencies 1 Modulations

Digital/Analog 2 Frequencies 1 Modulations

Rechargeable Receivers

EcoLite™ Rechargeable




Smart Reciver (Bluetooth Connectivity)

Link™ EcoLite Rechargeable




Diagnostic Testing Capability





Receiver Collar (Size/Weight)

EcoLite™ Link (.88 oz) Smallest & Lightest in industry

MicroLite™ (1.0 oz) R21 Titanium (1.6 oz) R22 Platinum (1.9 oz)

R1200 (2.2 oz) R1200m (1.7 oz) R9 (2.2 oz) R7 (1.7 oz) R7 Mini (1.3 oz)

DG5000 (2.4 oz) DG9000XT (2.9 oz) DG Micro (1.8 oz)

Precision 7 Point Diagnostic Testing

Diagnsotic Charging Cradle Exclusively for Link™EcoLite™Receiver

Not Available to Customer

Not Available to Customer

Not Available to Customer

Other Features

Designed & Manufactured

USA from imported parts (Morgantown, PA)

China by Petsafe

China Parts Assembeled in USA

Won’t Disclose (Parts Assembeled in USA)

Manufacturing Company

Perimeter Technologies, Inc. Design, Engineering & Manufacturer

By Contract Manufacturers

Dogwatch, Inc. By Contract Manufacturers

Sunward Electronics, Inc. By Contract Manufacturers)

Unique Receiver features (varies by model)

GentleSteps™ Training mode 3-Level Stopper™ mode Variable Distance Settings Anti-Run Through Technology™

Indoor/Outdoor Setting SmartDoor RFID

Auto-Memory “Tattletale” Light

Not Programmable No Low Battery Light

Lightning Protection

On-Board (All Transmitters) Supplemental Protection Available

Requires Additional Protection

On-Board (All Transmitters)

On-Board (All Transmitters)

Dog Chew Warranty




Won’t Disclose

Independent Receiver Setting

All Receivers’ Settings are Independent of each other

All Settings Independent

Some Independent Settings

Some Independent Settings

Contact Post Options

8 3 Comfort Contacts, 4 Stainless Steel, 1 GentleSpring Retractable

2 Rigid Stainless Steel Only

3 Rigid Stainless Steel Only

3 Rigid Nickel-plated Brass

Cross-Brand Compatibility

Programmable for Compatibility




WIFI Transmitter

In Development

Yes Made in China

Yes Made in China


Custom Layouts

When it comes to determining which layout will best suit your containment needs our technician will walk your property with you, listen to your ideas & concerns, & then make suggestions based on the information you share and their expertise.

We strongly suggest this conversation happens with the technician the day we install your system rather than doing a consultation days in advance with a sales person that is not involved with the installation process.

If it is determined that a meeting prior to the day of installation is best, we will schedule a technician to stop by to meet with you to confirm that we can accommodate your containment needs.

Please know that the following images are only schematic – to give you a visual of what our most popular layouts look like.

Once completely trained, we can get your pet to within 6 inches from the boundary if necessary – maximizing their yard space while ensuring they stay inside your yard.

We can also make flower beds, pools, ponds (even streams & lakes!), and other landscaping elements off-limits to your pets.

(Please note: in the Edge-To-Edge™ diagram, the green boundary wire line represents where audible warning & correction occurs. There is no warning or correction where the wire is twisted leading from the boundary to the house/garage.)

Full Perimeter Loop

Our most common layout. This allows your pet to roam your entire yard, but not leave it.



Similar to the Full Perimeter loop, but pinched in the middle. This lets you contain your dog in the front or back yard, depending on where you want them to be.


Double Loop

This is used to contain ONLY the front or backyard. It’s usually used when your property’s geography won’t allow for installation around the whole property.



Small yard? That’s no problem for Pet Stop® technology! We offer settings that create an even-more precise signal zone around the perimeter wire, to maximize the yard area your pet can enjoy.


Block Area


Open Lake Side


Dog Fencing 101

Introduction to Pet Stop® products & how our containment system works

Our goal: safely & effectively containing your pet

Summary & risks of some features our main competitor promotes

The "6-Foot-Buffer" Story

Explanation of Pet Stop®’s Edge-to-Edge™ feature

Address misinformation you may have been given about us, from our competitors

Containment, and maximizing your system boundary

Receiver Comparison



— Lifetime Replacement Warranty

— Rechargeable - Never Purchase Batteries Again

— Bluetooth Connectivity to Link App

— Diagnostic Testing Guarantees Safe Operation

— Smallest & Lightest weighs only 0.9 oz.

— 3 Hour Recharging Cycle

— Up to 3 Weeks of Operation Per Charge!

— Low Charge Indicator


Even More Details

— Waterproof, Fastest Response Time

— Edge-to-Edge™ or Traditional Signal

— Fully Programmable by Consumer

— Exclusive Spring Probes - Comfort & Reliability

— Lowest Level - Tickle for Gentle Training

— Highest Output Level for most Stuborn Dogs

— Best Available in the Industry

Outdoor Systems

We sell & install outdoor containment systems that will not only keep your pet safely within your yard, but can also keep them from special areas – like gardens, landscaping, pools or other off-limit zones.


Indoor Solutions

Need to keep the dog or cat off the kitchen counter? Prevent the dog from storming the front door when guests arrive? Or keep them from other indoor areas? We can easily bring the benefits of boundary-setting indoors, to help with whatever behavioral issues your pet may have.

Ask us, for more information.


The Basics

GentleSteps™ Training

Humane. Safe. Simple

Choose The Training Option that Fits Your Budget & Schedule The Best

PetStop®-exclusive. Revolutionary & humane.

Canine Approved Training

With all New Standard-Priced Systems, you will receive the GentleSteps™ Initial Day of Training, plus a Bonus Second Training Session with Unlimited Onsite Follow-up Assistance if necessary.

We also offer a 100% Containment Guarantee.

Diagnostic Cradle

Need Service or a Repair?

If you need any of the following Services, please click the Repairs & Service button:

Replacement Receiver Collar

Schedule a Repair

Service Call pricing information on Existing System

If you have moved and need your system reinstalled at a new location

Batteries & Parts

If you need batteries or other parts and accessories for your hidden fence system, please visit our Online Store by clicking the button.


Ongoing Support

Hidden Fence of Minnesota is dedicated to providing you with outstanding ongoing customer support – long after your initial system has been installed. If you have any questions, concerns, or require any maintenance or troubleshooting on your system, please contact us – we’d be happy to help in any way we can.