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Link™ Mobile App

Control At Your Fingertips.

For over a decade, Pet Stop® has been the leader in technology – providing more custom settings to individualize our products than any other manufacturer in the industry. Now, they bring you Link™ – a fully user-interactive App available for your smartphone!

Tap Each Spot to Learn More!

(App available through Google Play Store, and the Apple App Store)

Tap the Gear to access Basic information, such as Pet Name and other settings.

The second tab under the Gear lets you adjust the GentleSteps™ Correction-Level for when your dog approaches the boundary.

The third tab under the Gear lets you set a unique PIN each receiver you have.

Using the Link™ app menu, you can access Messaging to your dealer, find multiple ways to contact us, and view/edit your profile.


The top-left corner of any receiver’s home screen includes a battery icon – indicating the battery-level of the receiver you are actively managing.

The History tab on any receive’s main page shows the history of encounters your dog has had with the boundary. The more there are, the more likely you should raise the GentleSteps™ Correction-Level.

Tap the “Night Light” button on each receiver’s main page to turn the Night Light feature on/off. When enabled, a light inside the receiver will turn on every few seconds, so you can see when your dog is.

Link™ allows you to upload a custom picture for each Link™ receiver you have, so you always know which dog’s receiver you’re managing.

Just tap the Gear icon from any receiver’s main page and then tap the “Upload Photo” button to choose an image for each of your pets!

The images & arrows on the right side of the screen allow you to toggle between which Link™ receiver you are actively managing.

This tool within Link™ serves as an add-on behavioral trainer.

It functions entirely separate from the containment level corrections at the boundary. 

When connected to your Link™ receiver via Bluetooth connection from your smartphone you are able to issue an audible warning or an immediate brief milder correction to deter unwanted behavior.

The slider on the Remote Trainer tab of any receiver’s main page controls the Remote Trainer Correction-Level, NOT the GentleSteps™ Correction-Level.

Tapping on the “Pets” button allows you to see each of your pets’ receivers, along with battery stats & other helpful information.

The Link™ app enables customers to conveniently communicate with their Dealer, straight from the app!

Watch the Link™ Video

Pet Stop®-Exclusive Products

In this video:

  • See our rechargeable receiver lineup
  • Diagnostic Charging Base
  • Link™ App Demo
  • What’s coming soon to Pet Stop®

Link™ Features

The Link™ mobile app brings interactive smart-features to underground pet-fencing for the first time ever! With Link’s bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone, you can:

  • See how many times your pet has interacted with the boundary
  • Adjust the GentleSteps™ correction-level on your pet’s receiver
  • Receive notifications when your pet’s receiver needs to be charged
  • Issue an audible warning or nick to discourage unwanted behaviors
  • Communicate with your dealer
  • … and much more!

Pet Stop® offers you these convenient features as one more way to ensure you have peace of mind, and support with your containment system.

Diagnostic Precision. Keeping You in Charge.

Pet Stop® is the exclusive provider of not only a rechargeable receiver, but of a diagnostic charging cradle. It can fully charge an EcoLite™ receiver in 3 hours – indicating with an LED when complete. With a simple test that happens automatically every time you charge, you’ll also know if something is wrong before your dog does. It’s one more way PetStop is Safer by Design.

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