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Guarantee & Warranty Information


Lifetime Warranty (PCC200 Pro) Provided by Hidden Fence of Minnesota

Pet Stop® Brand PCC200 Pro System comes with a Lifetime Parts Warranty as well as a 3 year labor warranty backed by Hidden Fence of Minnesota.

If you choose to waive the lifetime warranty from Hidden fence of Minnesota an revert to the Limited Lifetime 2 Year warranty you can save $100 on a Pro 1 dog system.

If you have a Perimeter® Technologies system, we honor the terms of the Limited Lifetime Warranty that applies to that system. Contact us if you have questions.


Lifetime Warranty & UltraCare (Pet Stop® EcoLite™HO & Link™ EcoLite™ Systems)

Pet Stop® Brand EcoLite™HO & Link™ EcoLite™ Systems come with a Lifetime Parts Warranty as well as a 3 year labor warranty. UltraCare is an added layer of protection that covers your transmitter and receiver(s) from any accidental damage with replacement for a $129 deductible per occurrence.

Hidden Fence of Minnesota will replace a broken or malfunctioning Link™ EcoLite™ system component with a brand new one free of charge for 3 years from the date of purchase.

After 3 years there is a $99 Labor replacement fee which includes delivery and set up costs.


Lifetime Replacement Warranty for Lightning Damage & Zapp Alert®

Perimeter® Technologies & Pet Stop® Brand transmitters are covered under this unique “Lifetime” parts guarantee! If lightning strikes and damages your transmitter, simply notify us and we will make arrangements to get you a new one and retrieve the damaged unit (labor charges may apply.)

Zapp Alert® is an audible and visual warning system alerts you if a surge occurs in the transmitter. This feature is a Pet Stop® exclusive that will help protect your pet by letting you know immediately when your system is down.

This warranty does not cover damage to the wire around the yard. Normal repair charges will apply to finding and repairing wire breaks due to lightning.



Perimeter® Technologies & Pet Stop® designed their transmitters to withstand temperature extremes found in most garages and basements, where the transmitter is sometimes installed. Not all pet-fence systems incorporate this important feature. It’s just one more way they go above and beyond to ensure your pet’s safety.


Containment Guarantee

Hidden Fence of Minnesota guarantees that our systems will contain your dog(s) assuming (1) they are installed by us, (2) they are operated and maintained as we instruct, and (3) you notify us when any problem occurs so we can quickly diagnose and resolve the issue. (4) The appropriate receiver collar is chosen for your dogs temperament.

The containment guarantee covers our time to find the proper combination of settings and any onsite training assistance required to insure containment.

It does not cover the upgrade cost to a stronger receiver if that is the determined solution.  

There are many factors that are out of our control and only you can provide us with the information we need to help you insure there are no escape issues.

We guarantee that the Pet Stop® EcoLite™HO receiver will stop any dog with the right combination of settings or we will refund your full purchase price.

The only requirement we have to honor this is we ask is that you stay in communication with us when a problem arises and allow us the opportunity to resolve the issue.

If your dog displays a need for a stronger correction and you chose the PCC200 Pro receiver, Hidden Fence of Minnesota will offer you the upgrade option to the EcoLite™HO receiver that will do the job for the most stubborn of dogs.  

No matter how old your PCC200 Pro receiver is we will give you full trade in credit and you pay the $100 difference in price plus $50 for the Diagnostic Charging Base if this will be your first EcoLite™HO receiver. 

Regardless of the Pet Stop® system you choose our containment guarantee applies to cover any situation.


Any Layout

Each of our systems include containment for up to one acre with any layout you choose. This means that we will install the wire where we can safely operate our wire trencher (see video) to establish containment boundaries.

If excessive hand digging or manual placement of wire is necessary (more than 20 linear feet) to accomplish your layout request, our technician will evaluate the additional time required and give you a cost for this additional labor and you can decide if you want to proceed or simplify the design.


Unlimited On-Site Follow-up Training Guarantee

Hidden Fence of Minnesota always does the first initial training session onsite with you and your dog after the system has been installed. 

The GentleSteps Training™ process is so easy that children can help with the process.  Once we have completed this initial session you will know exactly what to do to continue the process of helping your dog(s) get accustomed to the new boundary.

We know that occasionally a dog may get startled by a higher level correction, or in some cases a dog will need a higher correction than what a specific receiver is delivering. In either case, or any other odd situation that occurs that requires onsite assistance, we guarantee that we will return as necessary at no charge to help resolve these issues.

There is no limit to the number of visits, however we fully expect you will contact us within the first 15 days for assistance if you are having challenges.  We do whatever is required to solve any problem. 

We make it very easy for you to contact us by phone, text or email, to get the assistance you need.  We also provide an online form on our website that you can fill out and submit to us. You will receive immediate confirmation by email that your request has been received, and we are instantly notified by email that you need assistance. 

We monitor this dedicated email regularly and respond very quickly by phone, text, or email depending on your preference. In most cases we can resolve most issues over the phone, via email, or by text message depending on your preference.

The reason that we only need to do one initial session is very simple, our systems are 100% adjustable by you, thereby eliminating the requirement of paying for an executive dog walker who controls the programming of the receiver. Our systems enable you to gradually increase the correction stimulus as you see fit until your dog has a healthy respect for the boundary.

We also want to point out that we have several video clips on our website, Youtube channel, and our FaceBook page that can be very helpful to answer questions quickly when we are not available, particularly on holidays or after business hours.


One Year Money Back Guarantee

In order to provide you with a 100% risk free opportunity and put a Hidden Fence to the test with your dog(s) to make sure it is the best solution for containment, we offer you a full One Year Money Back Guarantee giving us the opportunity to prove it to you.

The only requirement we have to honor this is we ask is that you stay in communication with us when a problem arises and allow us the opportunity to resolve the issue.

If we are not able to accomplish this to your satisfaction we will refund 100% of your payment for the system and send a representative to recover the equipment and disable the wire.

If we do not hear from you about any problems or you choose not to allow us to help resolve the issue and then you request a refund, we will evaluate your situation and come up with a resolution that is fair and equitable.

***If your invoice has the Long Distance Job line item please note that only the equipment portion is refundable.


Free Layout Change Guarantee

Not sure what layout to choose?  Hourglass layout with front & back zones?  No worries, don’t let that keep you from getting started. We know you may realize the layout you selected is not working for your situation after using the system for a month or so and changes are necessary to make life easier.

It’s like trying on a pair of new shoes and walking around inside your home for a few hours to make sure you like the fit before you decide to keep them. This is why we offer to make one layout change from a non-zoned to a zoned layout or vice versa at no additional cost within the first 3 months. (Please note this free layout change does not include returning to block garden areas, customizations to complex layouts, or alterations larger than a simple zoning switch.)

If there is a dispute between you and a neighbor claiming that the wire was installed on their property, we will move it at no charge to you. We highly recommend that you speak with your neighbors prior to installation and mutually agree on where the property lines are. In most cases these conversations prior to install will prevent potential conflicts over encroachment issues.

Most people can identify their property lines without the expense of doing a property survey. If you are having a difficult time determining your property lines we recommend installing well within what you think is your property to be safe. Unfortunately we have no way to determine this for you. Your county GIS website has property parcel mapping resources that can provide you with very accurate Google Earth imagery of your property lines.


Driveway Crossing

Regardless of the type of driveway you have, we simply use our concrete saw to clean out a natural expansion joint and insert the wire 2″ deep and re-cover with material that came out of the joint.

If your driveway has no joints we will make a fresh clean cut where you instruct us to and seal it if necessary.


Winter Installation

The only part of a normal installation we can not do in the winter is bury the wire. If the ground has frozen we simply surface lay the wire and return in the spring to trench it in. The operation of the fence is the same whether the wire is buried or not so don’t let the cold weather prevent you from having us put in your system.


No Permits Required

There are no permits required for installation of hidden fence systems. 

Only one municipality requires a right of way permit if there is any digging near the street.


Homeowners Associations

If you live in an attached twinhome or townhome it is very likely that your development has an association with by-laws that contain leash regulations.

This generally means that any type of fencing is not permitted including hidden fencing.

Please get permission (preferably in writing) to install hidden fencing from your association before pursuing this option.


Sprinkler Guarantee

If we damage a sprinkler head, water line, or control wire as a result of installing your hidden fence system we will fix it at our expense or pay a reputable company of our choice to repair the damage in a prompt time frame. This applies to professional name brand equipment such as Rain Bird®, Toro, & Hunter Industries systems.

We expect you to notify us as soon as you discover a problem so that we can take action to resolve it.


Lowest Price Guarantee – We will not be undersold!

Our published prices are lower than any of our competitors non-published price sheets for comparable systems, features, and guarantees.

If you receive a lower written price quote from any competitor for their premium system installed including advanced featuresHidden Fence of Minnesota will Beat their price with our Pet Stop® EcoLite™ HO system by $100 plus give you features they don’t offer.

We will beat any competitors basic system installed price by $50 using our Pet Stop® PCC200 Pro system with comparable features and guarantees.

To be fair all we ask is that you email details or a copy of their quote so we can do a true side by side comparison.


Buried Wire Guarantee & Optional Mole Protection

We use the highest quality 16 gauge direct burial grade wire available. It is professionally trenched in on average of 4” deep. Our proprietary machines cut an incision into your turf with a custom knife that feeds the wire behind it automatically. In thick healthy turf, most people have a difficult time locating where the cut is after we are done. The flags and tire tracks from our machine are usually the only visual clues as to the location of the wire.

The reality is that the copper wire will begin to deteriorate and eventually break as soon it becomes exposed in the ground due to a breakage or damage to the casing around the copper wire.

The 16 gauge that we offer comes with a 45 mil casing that is extremely durable and will provide many years of uninterrupted service on a standard residential property.  

We are so confident in our installation process and the materials we use that we provide a peace of mind 3 year guarantee on the buried wire for installation related defects.  

Because of this we do not encourage the upgrade to 14 gauge wire unless you have a known mole or tunneling rodent problem.

3 Year Mole Protection – Optional for properties with a known problem

Wire breaks due to rodent chews are not covered by our 3 year Buried Wire Guarantee

For an additional charge Hidden Fence of Minnesota offers a 3 year Mole Protection plan that includes 14 gauge wire & covers wire breaks specifically due to rodent chews.

We realize that this can be a menacing problem that may require multiple service calls so we offer this plan that includes full coverage for 3 years.

Please see our pricing page for the cost of this plan based on the size of your proper

Interest Free Financing

We have been told that our “in house” Interest Free Financing is one of the best services we offer. There is no application or credit check process involved. Simply tell us you want to do the interest free financing and we will work out the details with you that work for your budget.

Example…$1,499 system price, you pay $499 the day of installation and then you will pay $125 per month for 8 months to pay off the balance.

We will finance any price package and all we ask is that you pay it off within 8 months if possible. We will work with other situations on an individual basis depending on the circumstances.